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Eat Clean? What’s that mean?!

What do you mean eat clean ~ wash my food real good? Ok, so surely everyone has heard about eating clean. So what is it? Hype? Real Deal? And is it possible?

There is no fitness goal which you can achieve without first cleaning up your diet. Changing your diet is one of the biggest challenges when faced with improving your health. A majority of people are used to eating highly processed foods on a regular basis and breaking away from that can be difficult. The good news is, it isn’t impossible and once you make it a habit to eat clean, it becomes a part of your life.

In a nutshell, eating clean is eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates and staying away from the junk that typically makes up the Standard American Diet (S.A.D)! These types of food include man-made sugar, bad fats (hydrogenated, trans-fat), preservatives, white bread, and any other ingredients that are unnecessary.

An easy way to remember if a food is clean is: “if man made it, don’t eat it.

Basically – to follow a clean diet someone:

* Eliminates refined sugar

* Cooks healthy meals

* Packs healthy meals

* Makes healthy choices when dining out

* Drinks a lot of water

* Eats 5-6 small meals per day

* Eliminates alcoholic beverages (or significantly limits it)

* Always eats breakfast

Really, it is not impossible, it doesn’t have to be super difficult and it can make a HUGE difference in your health and life! When you get rid of the junk, and replace it with whole, natural foods, your body will thank you. There are even some great recipes on the Team Beachbody message boards to give you ideas.

Eating Healthy…On the Go!

Yeah, airport security, traffic jams or crabby kids are tough when you’re traveling but so is eating healthy on the go!
Whether you’re on the go at work, running errands all day, heading out for a long weekend or leaving for vacation – taking some time to plan for nutrition is as important as everything else!

One of the easiest ways – BYOF! Bring your own food! Plan ahead, and pack plenty of easy to grab, healthy snacks. Throw some nuts, seeds, even a plain yogurt, fruit and water in the bag before you head out. Pack a healthy sandwich with whole wheat bread, Carrot or celery sticks, whole wheat crackers, grab some healthy protein bars and even but some healthy cereal in baggies to munch on. Don’t forget your water!

If you stop at a restaurant, or are at a hotel, be picky! Don’t just order off the menu – tell them you want all egg whites, whole wheat bread and light salad dressing – or even bring your own dressing to be safe! If you’re in a hurry, even the ‘fast food’ chains have healthier options – subway has lighter options in subs, and if you must hit a McDonald’s or Burger King – try a grilled chicken sandwich, hold the mayo and a get it with a side salad.

Always drink plenty of water and get up and walk whenever you can when you’re on the go to get the blood pumping! You can stay on track, if you put your mind to it, and have a plan!

Nutrition…For your Skin?

WAIT! Before you buy another skin cream for wrinkles, acne, psoriasis or any skin condition – head to the grocery store first! We know the importance of eating well to keep us healthy and manage our weight. But did you know that how you eat also controls how our skin looks and feels?

Proper nutrition affects your mood, attitude, your health and your whole body from the inside out! They say our skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside of our bodies and all skin conditions are the manifestations of your body’s nutritional needs.

So what’s the secret? Nothing extraordinary or exotic, so don’t worry.

Just simple food switches can have a profound effect on your skin, as well as your overall health!

Trash the simple white refined carbohydrates! White bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and sweets cause our insulin levels to spike, which is obviously poor for weight management but researchers speculate that this sets off a series of reactions that leads to breakouts and poor skin health. So just reach for moderate amounts of complex carbs instead like whole-grain bread, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta as they’re digested more slowly and don’t lead to that skin-sabotaging insulin spike.

Seafood saves the skin! We need essential fatty acids (EFAs) like omega-3 and omega-6, and they reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation causes cells to clog pores, bring on acne and leads t wrinkles later on. Fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna are packed with EFAs. And if you’re not big on seafood, try almonds, hazelnuts, and flaxseed to get your EFA fix.

Oh Olive Oil! Yeah, I know, we stay away from it to keep our waistline trim. But, if we don’t get enough of the good fats, our skin suffers along with our diet. Your skin can’t lubricate itself and your body may not absorb enough vitamin A, which your skin needs to prevent premature aging if you’re getting fewer than 20 grams of fat a day (about 2 tablespoons of oil).

Also, to help minimize inflammation and facilitate the flow of blood to the skin, have some Green Tea or Dark Chocolate. (See you can still have some chocolate! BONUS!)

So yes, we need to take care of our skin with moisturizer and SPF, but next time you’re thinking about buying more cream loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – try putting it IN your body rather than ON it and your whole body benefits!

My Review of Biggest Loser Brett Hoebel and RevAbs- 1st time doing RevAbs

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Top 3 Reasons why you’re NOT Losing Weight

You’ve been sticking PERFECTLY to your nutrition diet plan and your workouts have been killer! But why aren’t you making downward motions on your scale?

What the heck is going on? Why isn’t your hard work and effort paying off while is seems so easy for other people? Is there anything you can do to get better results?

Many factors like age, body type, gender, & how much weight you have to lose can affect how fast you can shed extra pounds. Men will tend to lose weight quicker because most men have more lean muscle mass and muscle translates into a faster metabolism. People who have more weight to lose may also drop the pounds more quickly in the beginning of a weight-loss program because the more you weigh, the more calories you burn during any given activity.

Sometimes, though, people who seem to share a lot of these traits—similar body size, weight, age and activity levels—just don’t get the same results, even when they do the same things.
Often when you have slow or non-existent weight loss it can be traced to very common problems.

#1: Your numbers aren’t right

In a healthy, “normally” functioning body, weight loss occurs when you use (burn) more energy (calories) than you take in from food. This calorie deficit forces your body to take fat out of storage and turn it into fuel that your cells can use to maintain necessary body functions. A pound of fat represents about 3,500 calories of stored energy, so you can predict that a calorie deficit of 3,500 will translate into one lost pound, give or take a little.

The most common reason why weight loss seems to be going slower than people expect is that their calorie deficit is not as large as they think it is. Either they’re not burning as many calories as they think they are, or they’re eating more than they think they are, or a combination of both.

Track your calorie intake carefully and diligently, until you can recognize portion sizes of the foods you eat often without measuring. And don’t count the regular activities of daily life you’ve always done as part of your “exercise.”

Fitness trackers and cardio machines only estimate how many calories you truly burn, and these trackers and machines tend to overestimate how much you’re really burning. For a more accurate reading, you could invest in a good heart rate monitor that better estimates your calorie burn based on how hard you are actually working during exercise.

#2: Excess muscle loss

It would be nice if every pound lost was a pound of fat. In reality, all weight loss involves some combination of fat loss and muscle loss. To get the best results from your weight-loss efforts, you want to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss. The best way to do that is to include strength training in your routine. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even while at rest. Without strength training, a substantial amount of the weight you lose could be muscle (lean tissue), which can reduce your fitness and lower your calorie burning capacity.

#3: WHAT you eat matters almost as much as HOW MUCH you eat

How our bodies process the food we eat is managed by a complex set of biochemical interactions that determine when and where any excess calories are stored. For some, a diet high in fast-digesting carbohydrates like refined sugar and refined grains can make it easier for their bodies to store excess calories as fat and harder to get that energy back out of fat cells later on when it’s needed. It can also lead to increased appetite and more cravings for high-sugar foods. So if you’ve been overweight for a long time, struggle with appetite, carb cravings, and slow weight loss, you might want to switch it up to a diet higher in protein and healthy fats, and lower in refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Eat less and burn more, right? Weight loss isn’t always that simple. For a lot of us, it’s more than counting calories in and calories out. We all have to figure out what works best for us and not compare our results to someone else’s no matter how similar we may seem to be. Our weight loss and maintenance is a continuous journey and we have to pay attention to the route and be open to making changes in our approach along the way.

As always, be sure to discuss your nutrition and exercise plans with your doctor first.

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