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21 Days til its officially Summer! Wanna know the SECRET to Losing Fat?

Turn up the METABOLISM!


Exercise. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat. HUH?

A common question I get is how to really crank up the metabolism or break a plateau to get results. If you’re like me, upcoming events can really help you pour your focus into doing what is needed to be in the shape you want to be. And if being in bathing suits, shorts and tank tops isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is! Ok, so we’ve got the event and the goal date – now what?

Exercise! So you’ve been working out, but you’re not seeing results anymore or you hit a plateau. It’s time to CHANGE IT UP! Of course you know I love Beachbody’s workout programs because they include a ton of different routines and a schedule so you know what to do on each day so that your body doesn’t catch on to a constant routine and stop responding. If you’re doing your own workouts at home or at the gym, change them up. Different cardio, strength training, swimming, roller blading, cycling, running, whatever – Keep mixing it up and it will keep shocking your body and you will continue to burn calories, lose fat and get fit.

Eat! Ok, so you’re probably eating already too but how often? Every few hours! Think of your metabolism like a fire – you’ve got to keep good fuel on it every few hours to keep it burning. Don’t go many hours and then eat a huge meal – that’s like throwing a pile of wet wood on a fire that is already just smoldering. Like small pieces of kindling wood, small meals throughout the day is what will keep you satisfied and keep the fire burning. And keep it clean. Really – trade the processed food for a lot of vegetables, lean protein, beans, nuts and fruits and you will see a difference. We’ve got to eat, so make what you’re eating work FOR you, not against you! But word of advice- KNOW YOUR DAILY CALORIC NEEDS! Eating too many calories often defeats the purpose!

Drink! Uh hem…we’re talking water here folks! Flush your body, get rid of toxins, feel full, get the oxygen flowing and have more energy by staying hydrated! If you’re not drinking enough water, you are going to have a very hard time losing weight or getting really physically fit.

Sleep! Yep, it’s a known fact that not getting adequate, quality rest can make you eat more even when you’re not hungry and can increase fat storage. Not getting enough sleep interferes with the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates and causes high blood levels of glucose, which leads to higher insulin levels and greater body-fat storage, drives down leptin levels, which causes the body to crave carbohydrates, reduces levels of growth hormone–a protein that helps regulate the body’s proportions of fat and muscle and more. So make it a priority to get enough sleep!

So there you have it. Exercise, Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat! It really is a simple solution; just put it into action, keep it effective and don’t give up!!

It’s the Non-Stop-Party-Picnic-Barbeque-Eating-season!

I know for some, it is allergy season. But for me, it’s that season where there is a picnic, party, barbeque or some sort of eating fest every time we turn around! Winston Churchill’s wise words that “Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure” resonate in my head as I look ahead to the summer months.

It seems as though we go from one eating season to another – from holiday festivities between Thanksgiving and New Years, to Valentine and Easter chocolate and candy, then summer ball games, picnics, barbeques and weddings, to Halloween treats and back to the holidays again.

So much of America’s celebrations revolve around FOOD! That in itself isn’t the toughest part, it’s that most of those foods at the social events are so very unhealthy and I just don’t want to over indulge. Well I may want to, but you know what I mean. 😉

To win this battle, I’ve got to be armed and ready! For me, that means planning ahead depending on the event or activity.

For events where the food is provided, I don’t go ‘starving’, so I’m not tempted to grab anything and run. I eat well ahead of time, and then, make the best choices I can – salad and vegetables first, chicken if that’s an option for meat, and hopefully there will be some fruit or lighter jello amongst the slew of pies, cakes and desserts.

If it’s a ‘bring-a-dish-to-pass’ kind of event then I’m good to go; we will make a big healthy option dish to share.

The easiest way is if it’s something we can host, and then we can manage what goes into the dishes and keep them as healthy as possible. For the meat, if burgers are on the menu we’ll use extra lean hamburg, or even ground turkey sometimes and pair it up with whole wheat rolls. Grilled chicken with different seasonings or even shish-kabobs are great options as well. Grilled vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, lean meats and salads that aren’t drowning in high calorie full fat mayo and salt can make for a fantastic menu that no one will even realize is good for them.

If you look around, you can find that so many of our American ‘staple’ summer picnic foods that are loaded with calories and unhealthy fats, can be revamped with a little time and effort and taste just as good as the old fashioned versions or even better! Really!

Here are some healthier ingredients to substitute and make your recipes lighter.

  • A healthy vinaigrette type dressing or light versions of mayo and miracle whip
  • More pepper, less salt. Try garlic, chili pepper and other spices to avoid using salt as much as possible.
  • Egg beaters instead of eggs.
  • Oat, whole wheat or soy flour instead of white
  • Olive or canola oil rather than vegetable oil
  • Hummus dip for veggies and crackers or salsa

And of course – portion control! When the picnics and parties last all day long, be careful not to eat all day long! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to surviving the summer season in shape! Please Comment and Share!

There are A LOT of Bobby Pins in Lane ONE!

Taking it Outside

A beautiful April Sunday morning in the Northeast and 2 toddlers who were going stir crazy inside! I decided to take the kids and their bikes to the high school track so #1- they can burn off some energy and practice their pedaling skills and #2- mommy could get a work out in that I normally don’t do. Cross Training is key, and I’m the “president” of the international support group for those addicted to Chalene Johnson’s formats like Turbo Kick, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Hustle, and PiYo. (j/k)

Johnny (5) Peyton (2)

Johnny (5) Peyton (2)

I decided I was going to do some runs, drills, bleachers….take advantage of my surroundings.

Your work outs don’t always have to be in a gym, a work out video, or with a trainer. Just setting up a basic plan of action for the work out, find a location, and just GO! Moving is moving! It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Hubby was away snowboarding in UT on this weekend. Being a mom of 2 toddlers, running a full time home business, and a boat load of other obligations, p/t jobs….it’s easy to have the excuse that I just don’t have the time to exercise. Or use the excuse, the kids never leave me alone to work out. So stop the excuses, and just GO!

No clue what you could do? Does it really matter? There are so many websites, YouTube videos, magazines etc in which you can EASILY find a couple exercises, and just GO!

We get to the track, set my 5 yr old up on his big wheel and my 2 yr old up on her little trike (1st time she’s formally on a bike—my mom method- sink or swim)

I take off running the track. I’m not a runner. I don’t enjoy it. Those so called endorphins, runners high, I think it just what people say to pretend that running is fun. I do enjoy being outside on a nice day, but running to me is not my 1st choice. Where’s the music? Where’s the dancing? Where’s my Turbo? ….I digress 😛

Kids are having a BLAST! It’s like a race-car event, pedaling on a super flat surface, no risk of cars, and LANES!! I keep running. I decided after each lap, I would drop and do 10 burpees. Growing up, we called them Squat thrusts, but in my adult life, I guess they are now called burpees. (shrugs shoulders)

So as I keep running, I’m left with my own thoughts. I notice- WOW! there are a lot of bobby pins in Lane 1. Not really the other lanes, just lane 1. Who is losing all these bobby pins? The young girls who are training for HS sports? It is in style to use bobby pins to hold back the side swept bangs. Or is it the retired grandma’s coming for their daily walk on the track. Cause you know, bobby pins = grandma’s. Right?

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees.

Running, so why is it an international standard that we all run “left”? Am I overdeveloping my left turning capabilities? Will I have an awesome left buttcheek and left side oblique from all this training? Why don’t we run right? Why don’t we alternate? Have you ever tried to run right around the track? Did you keep looking around your surroundings for the track police to give you a ticket- wrong way!!

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

Running, so I wonder if I could get over those hurdles again? Maybe if I have it on the lowest setting, but will I still have my awesome hurdler form I had back 20 years ago? Remember that horrible feeling right before the 400 meter hurdles race. I hated that feeling. I never understood why I had to keep doing that race. OH yea, cause no one else wanted to!

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

So I set the goal that I would at least run 8 laps. I can do 8 laps. I get to 8!

Running, so isn’t it weird that if I say I have “4 more laps to go” that sound so much worse in my head- like ugh- 4 more! that’s a lot!! As opposed to saying—“I’ve done 8 laps. 12 laps is so close to 8, it’s Easy- to get to 12. I can do that!”

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

All in all, This was my work out:

  • 12 laps with a total of 120 burpees (10 burpees after each lap)
  • Bleacher runs- 12 up/downs
  • 3 sets of walking lunges (24x)
  • 3 sets of pushups

Results, enjoyed the day, got a work out in that involved my kids, the kids had a blast riding bikes and playing on the bleachers, my 2 yr old increased her pedaling skills,cross trained, and a no excuse day!

Hey MOM!!! You busy?

Can you run me to practice? Can you iron my shirt? Be at my game at 5. When’s dinner? I don’t have any clean clothes! We don’t have anything to eat in this house. Can I have some friends over?

Ok. So you’re pulled in every direction, overworked, not getting enough sleep but more than enough stress, and just weighed down by a never ending schedule? Even though we think we are taking care of and running around for everyone else, we’re really not a lot of help in this state. We’ve got to take care of us.

But wait, you’ve got your to-do list scheduled perfectly and you follow it to the T, so why still so chaotic? Just because we’ve organized our chaos, doesn’t make it any less chaotic. Sometimes we have to drop some things off the list.

No. Say it with me. No. We’ve got to say no. If we just keep doing, and doing, and always saying yes to everything, no one is going to turn that down.

Delegate! Yes, the kids can help and so can the hubby. Share the wealth…of things to do!

Review the kids’ agendas. Are they involved many different activities, which leaves you feeling guilty because you can’t make it to every one? Do they need to be in them all?

Being the best mom to your children isn’t being the overcommitted mom that does every single thing, runs around tirelessly and constantly sacrifices her own time and happiness. That only leaves us run down and unable to give our kids our love and affection, which is what they really desire.

So take a step back and reflect for a minute before you go flying into another jam packed day full steam ahead. Why are things so hectic, chaotic and out of hand. It’s often our own doing and scheduling. So let’s fix it. What if you don’t do this item or this thing? I mean really – what is the consequence?

Eliminate what we can. Delegate what we can. Don’t feel guilty – it is only going to make you better at what you can do, and less tired and stressed so you are that happy mom that you really want to be. Make time for you. Whether it’s heading to the spa to get a pedicure, some shopping, reading a book in the park, a hot, relaxing bath – whatever helps you unwind – schedule THAT into your schedule and don’t miss that appointment. You deserve it Mom.


So do you? You know who you are if you do. You breathe stress and get things done because of the pressure in doing so against the clock.

Now, I’m not saying you may LOVE that you put yourself in that position. I know myself, I am one of them- and actually do not love how stressful it is when time is ticking away nearing some major projects. But sometimes, procrastination and the pressure of the clock is what make some people do their most effective work. This is also burned in me. I’ve always been a person that likes to do, to be in charge, to have control…positive and negative surely goes hand in hand.

For me, my summer is MAD busy! But, that’s how I roll! I’m used to planning events, running trainings, etc etc…for instance- this is how my next couple months look:


1) Board meeting in CA for Beachbody

2) APD Audition Camp for Powder Blue Productions in CA (training new recruits)

3) Film a PiYo video—I’m just up until the 19th 😉

4) Beachbody GAME PLAN event in Rochester NY – May 21st

5) Launching a new clothing line (shhhh)


1) Running a Turbo Kick and PiYo training in Toronto

2) Planning Team Platinum Presenters meeting at Summit

3) Planning a Team Party at Summit

4) Team Beachbody SUMMIT meeting weekend

5) Plan and Hold a SUPER SATURDAY Team Beachbody event June 25


1) Planning, Organize, and Running with 2 other classmates our 20 Year High School Reunion!

2) CAMP DO MORE (Team Captain) -organizing team building events and secret stuff I cant say!

OH- and also, we’re trying to see if we can quick sell our house and boat here in Rochester NY, and buy a new house possibly in TX before school starts for my son who will be in kindergarten

Of course this says I’m busy- and we all know that doesn’t count the classes I teach at the gyms as well as household and family stuff.

BUT- I bring this up- because —-I’M BUSY!

Are you Busy?

If you have something that is lingering over your head as something you REALLY want to do, but keep saying- I wish I wasn’t so busy then I could focus and actually get started, finish that project, arrange xyz…

When will you ever NOT be busy?

Start somewhere! Start with a list. Make a BIG MACK DADDY to-do list–then break it down. Make a list everyday that stems off of that list.

Your goal has to be THAT important to you if you want to somehow fill in FOCUS time and FORWARD motion in your goals and direction!

With your daily list- write down all you have to do for that day. Then NUMBER the items in most important order. If you accomplish the top 3 items you numbered- you are moving on to success!

Now- grab some paper and WRITE!


Whatever you want to call them, I’ll give you my BEST tips, advice as well as my #1 suggestion.

During your work outs, it is highly important to ensure you are wearing a supportive sports bra, no matter the activity.

One thing you have to do is know yourself – the right sports bra for you is primarily based on your body structure and, secondarily, on your personal preferences.

Some of us want a no bounce support while others focus more on the way it looks rather than function.

My focus will be for those of you who do not like to move, want support, and don’t focus so much on the pretty color of the bra. Function over appearance.

Having an ill-fitting bra can cause chafing, sore breasts, sagging and a sore shoulder/neck area are just some of the physical problems.

As an ex-mammographer, the “science” of sagging goes into the stretching of the “coopers ligament”. You don’t have total control in avoiding this from stretching, as age does happen and gravity is around us.
Additionally, it can cause havoc on your motivation, you intensity of the work out, as well as your continued effort to “do it again”

I have always been naturally gifted, never getting measured, but I would squeeze myself into a 36 DD. That wasn’t my size, but it was the one that was the tightest and didn’t make me bounce when I walked.

During exercise, I would always wear 2 bras. I have tried many versions, but had found the resolve to having separation, compression, lift and support was to wear 2 different styles. In doing this, it helped me avoid having the “boob tube”.

Now these 2 are my suggestions that I used prior to me having children. Now my 1st suggestion isn’t available anymore, but it is close to my suggestion below

1. Champion Powerback Underwire sports bra (1 size smaller than you are)
2. Champion Action Shape Sports Bra (1 size smaller than you are- wear that on top)

Now I’m no expert in this field, just an expert in being “gifted” and loving high impact exercises. I have gone through testing many of the so- called “LAST RESORT” bras, and the last resort, didn’t work. I don’t know how many times I bought and returned bras.

When I was nursing my chest size went up off the charts! I ended up wearing THREE (3) Champion Action Shapes at the same time.

    In all my years, this is what I have found to be my best suggestions when choosing a sports bra to accommodate your needs:

1. Choose a size smaller than what you actually are (I know, I know, goes against all rules the bra lady tells ya in the fitting room)
2. The bra has to have BOTH back closure AND strap adjustments
3. Make sure the strap adjustments adjust the full length of the strap and not just a couple inches.
4. My personal tip with my suggested bra below is to criss cross the straps. 1 end detaches and you can criss cross them. Creates a tighter fit and you become really skilled and flexible with hooking your bra reaching behind! 😉

So after 2 pregnancies and nursing each child 12 months, my chest has surely changed. I won’t “go there” as if you “are there” you know what I mean.

So currently, I’m still a fan of Champion, as I have tried Enell, Victoria Secret, and so many more of the so-called best. I still put my stamp of approval on Champion, but only if you follow the 4 steps I listed above.

I currently just have to wear 1, I wear it criss crossed. My bra size is 32 D now, but I choose a 32 C in this bra.

My #1 CHOICE and VOTE still goes to….


Happy bra shopping!

Tips for Trips with Kids

Recently, My husband, 2 children and I ventured on a 7 Day Royal Caribbean cruise that we earned from Beachbody coaching. Then in April it was off to Jamaica for the extended family vacation. So all of this traveling led me to blog my thoughts about what works for us when traveling with kids. Mine are 5 and 2 years old, so you might have to tweak it up depending on the ages of your children, of course!

For the car or airplane rides, or whenever they may be getting bored here are some things I like to have on hand:
• Paper, crayons & small paperback books
• A couple of their favorite little toys for them to play with
• A couple new little surprises to present to them along the way
• A little blanket and pillow
• Last Resort – Electronics. I say last resort because I think it’s important to break away from the usual stuff the kids might do at home when we’re on vacation so I don’t want a lot of time spent watching movies or playing electronic games. But if the airplane or car rides or long, we break out the Ipad or portable DVD player for a movie or small electronic games to take their minds of the long trip. An additional reason why you want this to be the last resort is it will delay or negate the chances of them falling asleep as their minds are occupied.

Peyton on Vacation

Peyton on Vacation

For snacks we pack:
• Cereal, crackers, fish etc. divided into zip lock bags- one for each kid
• Healthy snack bars
• Fruit snacks, suckers or cookies for when the out of control break downs hit or when we need them to pay attention and stay near (M & M’s, lolly pops)
• Bottled water – they need it to stay hydrated plus it’s great for cleaning up sticky hands and faces. Also, the sugar free single packet drink mixes are great to take to mix with water and avoid sugary drinks.

We make sure we’ve got this stuff packed for once we’ve arrived:
• Hats, sunglasses, water shoes, bathing suits & sunscreen
• Band-aids, and children’s Tylenol (yep , you just never know)
• Baby wipes
• Blow up floaties as it doesn’t take up much space!

Dwyer Vacation

So there are my tips on what to bring along. But most of all, have fun, relax and enjoy your family time – it doesn’t happen often enough!


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