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About Christine

Hello! Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you are here!  Well, depending on what your goals are in fitness, wellness, career building…I surely have lived through many struggles as well as achievements.

I grew up in a small country town in upstate NY with my 3 older sisters and my very hard working father.  We didn’t have much. I grew up with a very strong work ethic (now I can say “thanks dad “; ))and started as early as possible with trying to make money. I remember having my first official real job delivering over 100 customers the Sunday newspaper up 2 HUGE hills in the dead of winter with my wheel barrel.

I always struggled with being a little chubby. Grandma Becker told me when I was 4 I told her I didn’t want to be chubby. =( I struggled with finding me since I was the youngest of 4 girls, and was always left behind cause I was too young. I tried every good and bad way to lose weight growing up. I always wanted to look and be thin as my 100 lb sister. I was an athlete, but always struggled with eating properly, especially not junk food.

In college, I would continue with a huge YO-YO. I would barely eat and over exercise to lose weight for spring break and then again for summer vacation. But in between, I would balloon up.  Ordering from Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza” and my friend would get 1, and I’d eat 1. Yes, all of it.

I became a fitness instructor in 1991- and struggled with the constant stress of the stereotypical image I should be. The yo-yo continued. I started working with fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson in 2000 as a Presenter for her company training others to teach her formats (Turbo Kick, PiYo, and Hip Hop Hustle. I found Turbo Kick. I initially lost 32 lbs, but I would continue to yo-yo about 15 lbs. I would allow myself to not pay attention to the details of my nutrition when I knew “eyes” weren’t going to be on me. Then when I knew I would need to be in awesome shape, I buckled down for 4 weeks, lost it, then re-gained the 10-15.

How did this finally change? When I became a Beachbody coach. I started in June 2008. I was actually 5 months pregnant. I listened to Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody, who told me I had a perfect opportunity to have the baby and then invite people on my weight loss journey to keep me accountable and to not yo-yo. 

I had my daughter via         C-section on Oct 1, 2008 (she was my 2nd child born by c-section) After some delays in starting my journey, I finally started in January 2009. I HATED how I looked.  Hated putting on my tight shorts and tight sports bra. I was wishing time away fast so I could just be thin. I hated getting up and working out each day, but I did it. I stuck to my guns cause I couldn’t wait to share my story/struggle and prove it works. I invited everyone on social media with me on this journey. In the first month, I lost 17 lbs with ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Kick.

I had my baby at 165 and with using ChaLEAN Extreme, PiYo, Turbo Kick, and Shakeology, I got down to a size 2 and 123 lbs! NEVER in my life have I ever been that #!

This is the best part, my life has changed because I have finally found what works. Yes, I have always known about supplements, nutrition, and workouts. But the missing piece of the puzzle was accountability. With being a coach, and being accountable to others who need this, I have maintained my weight with only a 5 lb yo-yo.

So, this is a business too! Of course I wanted to crush it! You did read I pushed Sunday newspapers up snowy hills didn’t you? I DID Crush it. Beachbody has an amazing home business called being an Independent Beachbody Coach. People do it for the above reasons I detailed in my story. I did too. BUT, I also wanted to change my life financially. I only had an associate degree in Medical Radiography. I had a ceiling of how “high” I could go. I wanted to be in control of my future, but most importantly, my kids future.

So, I owned this business! I just shared my story, recommended what I knew was awesome, and just tried to be helpful! 

Since I started in June 2008, just 1- 1/2 years later, October 2009- I reached the highest level (rank) you can as a 15 Star Diamond Coach. I’ve maintained that level ever since and actually have more successful people who wanted to groom their future. I have 26 diamonds on board and many other people who are successful in other ranks and happy  helping others.

I’m the founder of Platinum Presenters, and have developed all the training a new coach joining my team would need to know to get started and to build a successful home business.  This isn’t a business about sales. I’ve never sold anyone anything.  There’s a system of support, tools, and how to when you get started with me. We just get you plugged in with sharing your story and helping others.

Additionally, In my fitness career, I was the Pioneer Presenter of the year 2004, The Pioneed Most Valuable Presenter (MVP) 2009 and then again 2010 for Chalene Johnson’s company Powder Blue Productions! “My goal is to help you achieve your goals….no matter what they may be! Fitness, Health, or business!”


Comments on: "About Christine" (7)

  1. I am amazed with your story! It was super motivational to me! I am so thankful you posted this! I started with p90x & i am on week 6. I also recently became a coach & im doing my best to learn and help those around me, and as well build my buisness. thank you for all that you do!!

  2. Angelica Amador said:

    Great story Christine!

  3. Jenny Villegas said:

    Wow this is truly inspiring! Thanks for posting your story!

  4. Jennifer Melvin said:

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for sharing this story! I had no idea what struggles you over came and am very impressed 🙂 You really are amazing not only for the changes you’ve made physically, but all that you have accomplished with Beachbody and Platinum Presenters. I am greatly effected by how you pay it forward everyday and thank you so much for that!!

  5. wait for me till beachbody products and coaching ll be available here ( Ireland) i ll be ready! :))))

  6. Wow! I love your story.. I am restarting my fitness journey and biz after a similar situation (I just had my second child via C-section) and I want to share with everyone how Beachbody helps me get back to my pre-baby weight and fitness level. My son was born premature so I am staying home with him now, which means I REALLY need to make my biz a success this year- my family needs it! I am doing everything I can to be FOCUSED, stay COMMITTED, and SUCCEED as a Beachbody coach this year! Thanks for your inspiration..

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