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WATCH YOUR MOUTH! How the words you choose can create a positive or negative response.

Building your business is scary, especially in the business. You want to make your investment a HUGE success immediately! YOU love the product, the people, the mission, the company, and you can’t wait to share it! But the problem starts to reveal itself quickly! You don’t understand why your business may not be growing. Why do people show interest then disappear? One of the biggest challenges in starting your business is building confidence. Having a strong self and level of confidence in what you do know will carry more weight in trying to learn everything about the company and trying to explain it all to your contact.

You don’t need to know everything about the company. Period.

Think of when you started a new job. The BIG one, the one you first got out of college, the one where it’s your “career”. That first day, that first week, that first month; were you required to be an expert? To have all the systems down? To know everyone’s name and their job title and description? To have all the products memorized, know the ingredients or how it was made? Obviously, the answer is, no! If your employer expected this of you, they surely are not doing a great job with being a leader in management position.
Wasn’t it funny when you finally discovered that bathroom that was just around the corner, super close to you, when you had been walking clear across the building as that was the only bathroom you knew? Or how easy it was when you figured out how to finally use the client database when it was like a foreign language to you at the start?

Why am I bringing this up? Because I’d like for you to feel what you should feel when you start something new. You can’t know it all, and you won’t know where all the bathrooms are I.e: shortcuts.
So stop trying to be an expert, success, know it all. Just be confident in what you do know and what you are passionate about. Now, this leads me to the REAL topic at hand.

When speaking with someone about the possible option of joining your business, working with you, or buying this product, the choice of words you use tell the story. Wouldn’t you love to have your next conversation hidden camera video taped? You could learn so much! How your body language is. What you say. If you are confident. If you puke all over them with details and more details. If you even ask them a question or let them talk. If you know what their primary need or interest is.

Keep it simple. Stay confident in what you do know and what you are passionate about. The choice of words you use will bring up the feeling for result in the conversation. If you tend to speak with negative words, (it’s not this….you aren’t….you don’t have to that…it isn’t going to be…) you will create a wall and a negative feeling for the person you are speaking to.
You help them feel what you want them to feel all by the words you are choosing.

Nothing feels worse than the feeling of defending yourself or your business in a conversation. If you have moved the conversation into this direction, pause, and nicely end the conversation. You won’t ever be able to convince a negative nelly as well as someone who just doesn’t believe in your mission.

Keep it simple, keep it positive, and keep the conversation about them. It’s not about you.

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Working Out Your WillPower

We are faced with battling our willpower everyday. As soon as the alarm goes off, you are faced with many choices of will. Do you hit the snooze alarm, do you skip choosing a quick sugar filled breakfast for something healthy, do you skip the double mocha latte with whip and go for the plain coffee, Do you finish following through this major task for work or jump on facebook, and Do you choose to get a chicken salad hold the dressing or get that Turkey club complete with bacon! The list goes on! All day we are battling our will just to make better choices, ones that should be moving us towards our goals, keep us healthy, as well as form to what should be the best decision according to society standards. Does it make you cranky? Sure can! It’s exhausting at times to constantly be fighting temptation. Over and over again, it surely can start to chip away at your willpower and before you know it, BOOM; you’ve given in by allowing your priorities to crash and good choices fly out the window!


But great news is that research as proven that willpower works just like a muscle! Overtrain/work your willpower just like a muscle, it falls into fatigue. But, on the opposite scope of it all, it can be strengthened making you more productive and happier with your choices and results. Below are some habits you can use to help create strength in your willpower and not allow yourself to hit that wall.

1) Write it Down!– Keep a journal that you can keep daily notes and tracking on how you perform or scheduled your day. Whether it’s for weight loss and keeping track of your daily meal plan and exercise to following through on business building techniques for your business. This is a way to track back. So if in times where you start to fall short or hit a wall, you can track back to when things were good and progressing.

2) Don’t Procrastinate! – When you procrastinate on a task or get anxious, research has shown we tend to give into an urge to improve our moods by doing something else. One suggested book to read is Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy. Suck it up, and get the hardest most daunting task done first!

3) Be on the OFFENSE team! – Many people are successful at making good choices and not constantly battling their will because they put themselves in situations where temptation isn’t even a choice. If you can proactively arrange your day and your life to avoid problems or bad choices in temptation, you will have a much smoother day with sticking to your plan in action. If you are trying to lose weight, plan your meals for the day and don’t fall into the lunchtime crew heading out to the all you can eat buffet! If you are working on habitual for jumping back and forth between email, twitter, and facebook to avoid a work assignment, close those programs or shut the computer down if possible! People who are proactive avoid risk. Just like taking your car in for check up and maintenance.

4) Pick your Battles! – You can’t control every situation or every temptation in front of you. It’s easy to fall into a trap where everything just goes to “pot” because you are stressed out with too many situations, obligations, and tasks! Choose your timing! If you are just starting a new job, trying to lose weight, and trying to quit smoking, maybe lighten up on how strict your efforts are while you take on such a major change in your life. Keep that forward progress but maybe put the breaks or slow down on the pace.

5) Reward yourself often! – People love incentives. Your reward doesn’t always have to be like a kid in a candy store. Making good choices on your rewards can be as simple as doing something you normal don’t have the chance to do, like a massage or pedicure. Or even schedule a babysitter so you can go out for a couple hours and do anything you want. It can even be having a day or meal where you take in some of the most desired treats you have been cutting back.

Success in your goals and achievements is planned. It’s a plan laid out like a blue print. You can’t build a house, unless you have a blue print. Work on creating habits that won’t leave you agitated and fighting with yourself every day. Find a way where it’s reasonable, takes maybe a different pace than you initially wanted, but will lay out a plan for success.

It’s official! My first born is in kindergarten!

I officially don’t have a baby boy anymore!


He was soooo excited!


We were up early, had a great breakfast and he was ready to go!




And then the bus came.

Now during his orientation, we rode the bus with him and stayed with him the entire time.

So as much as we tried to prepare him, he was not quite sure when it was time for him to get on the bus alone!







But, thankfully we were able to follow the bus to school and walk with him to his classroom and get him settled. He was so lovey too!







A kiss for dad







And even a smooch for lil sister Peyton!






And luckily for John and me, we’ve had a lot of errands and things to do today to pass the time. Only and hour and a half until he comes home from his first big day!!

School days, School days…Reading, and Writing and…it’s a little scary!

OK, so it’s probably more scary for the parents sending their kids off for the first time than it is for the kids! My husband and I are preparing to send our 1st born, 5 year old Johnny to kindergarten in just a couple of weeks. We can never know exactly how our children will react when the moment comes, but we can do our best in preparing them.

Here are some tips we’re using –

Talk to them – Like about how fun and exciting its going to be with new friends, and learning new things! Always talk with a lot of enthusiasm so they feel how you’re feeling when the subject comes up.

Time away – They say its a good idea to prepare kids for being away from home and their parents by setting up times for them to be away from home; staying with a relative or at Grandma’s or something. We don’t have relatives nearby, but we do have both kids go to the daycare/pre-school twice a week as we work from home. They have adjusted there well, and look forward to it, so hopefully this will help Johnny do the same with school. This has also helped them learn how to interact with other children, to play, to share and participate.

Know the facts – Help them memorize the basics – name, address, phone number, body parts etc so they are confident when the teacher asks questions. Also use different opportunities to continually practice counting, colors and alphabet without them knowing like identifying letters on labels when shopping or putting away groceries, or counting cars when driving, or colors of cars and reading billboards. They may already know most of it, but just going over it really reassures them and gives them confidence.

Let them bring something from home – For my son it’s probably a super hero action figure or something he loves, but I think letting them take a little something from home with home gives them a little sense of security.

Here’s a picture of my son Johnny and I at his Pre-K graduation. Ok, deep breath – here we go – this is really gonna happen!! I’d love to hear any tips you have in preparing your kids for school, whether its their first year or not. Let me know!

Lead by Example

“A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.” Unknown

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not talking work here. I’m talking about some of the most precious people in our lives ~ our children! Sometimes we need to take a step back and make sure that what we are teaching them day after day by the way we live is what we want them to learn and replicate. Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk. We’ve got a huge responsibility raising children, so we want to show them the way by the the way that we live ourselves, not just telling them.

Attitude is Everything! Do you put your smile on out in public but at home – you’re short, easily agitated, talk down or negative? Stop. Now granted we will all encounter circumstances that are difficult to deal with – but how we deal with them in the privacy of our home where the little ears hear and little eyes are watching is huge. Be positive. Use your manners – use please and thank yous at home too! Make the best of difficult situations. Be nice to one another – especially your family! Don’t talk bad about people behind their backs. Don’t use foul language. Display a positive, strong attitude at home just as you do in public. Say you’re sorry. Your little ones will learn that it is possible to be strong and positive regardless of the situation.

Work Ethic! Of course, we all want our kids to have everything we didn’t have and more. But the answer is not to just give it to them. Sometimes we want our kids to ‘live the good life’ and we don’t require them to ‘do’ much, but in doing that, we’re not teaching them how to live the good life permanently. We’ve got to make them understand that work is important, valuable and necessary. And then have them ‘work’ as well. Of course, small shores to start, and it can be things done together as a family, but we’ve got to involve them in jobs around the house. Sit down with your kids to figure out what needs to be done, when and by whom so that the whole family can have time for other activities and some relaxation. Make it routine, so that they learn at an early age how to work consistently, certain jobs in the morning, others in the evening, some things are certain days of the week and so on. And just like the real world, there should be compensation for a job well done, and repercussions if not. Teach them how to balance their time, build in routines, and be contributing members of the family and they will take this work ethic with them as they grow.


We use this responsibility chart with my 5 year old and he LOVES doing it. He even thinks of completing tasks without me telling him so he can put a magnet up

Health! So you know I cannot leave this topic untouched. Seriously though, this area is huge. Of course, we are going to talk to our kids and be a good example about not smoking, drinking and using drugs. But do we teach them how to live as healthy as possible? Most of our schools unfortunately are not helping our cause with the types of school lunches that are served, we need to be proactice in teaching our children how to eat healthy and incorporate exercise into their lives. Surely we’re not making them do P90X, but they can get involved while we do our home workouts, we can jump rope, ride bikes, roller blade, go for walks, and a ton of other things to get them off the couch, away from the tv and video games, and moving. We can make healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners, have healthy snacks in our pantry, and not make the fast food drive throughs a regular visit. We set the standard.


Our children will copy and imitate what we do – so we must be extremely careful that the behaviors we display are what we want our children replicating. Lead the way – by doing!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams


It’s the Non-Stop-Party-Picnic-Barbeque-Eating-season!

I know for some, it is allergy season. But for me, it’s that season where there is a picnic, party, barbeque or some sort of eating fest every time we turn around! Winston Churchill’s wise words that “Failure to Plan is a Plan for Failure” resonate in my head as I look ahead to the summer months.

It seems as though we go from one eating season to another – from holiday festivities between Thanksgiving and New Years, to Valentine and Easter chocolate and candy, then summer ball games, picnics, barbeques and weddings, to Halloween treats and back to the holidays again.

So much of America’s celebrations revolve around FOOD! That in itself isn’t the toughest part, it’s that most of those foods at the social events are so very unhealthy and I just don’t want to over indulge. Well I may want to, but you know what I mean. 😉

To win this battle, I’ve got to be armed and ready! For me, that means planning ahead depending on the event or activity.

For events where the food is provided, I don’t go ‘starving’, so I’m not tempted to grab anything and run. I eat well ahead of time, and then, make the best choices I can – salad and vegetables first, chicken if that’s an option for meat, and hopefully there will be some fruit or lighter jello amongst the slew of pies, cakes and desserts.

If it’s a ‘bring-a-dish-to-pass’ kind of event then I’m good to go; we will make a big healthy option dish to share.

The easiest way is if it’s something we can host, and then we can manage what goes into the dishes and keep them as healthy as possible. For the meat, if burgers are on the menu we’ll use extra lean hamburg, or even ground turkey sometimes and pair it up with whole wheat rolls. Grilled chicken with different seasonings or even shish-kabobs are great options as well. Grilled vegetables, fresh fruits, beans, lean meats and salads that aren’t drowning in high calorie full fat mayo and salt can make for a fantastic menu that no one will even realize is good for them.

If you look around, you can find that so many of our American ‘staple’ summer picnic foods that are loaded with calories and unhealthy fats, can be revamped with a little time and effort and taste just as good as the old fashioned versions or even better! Really!

Here are some healthier ingredients to substitute and make your recipes lighter.

  • A healthy vinaigrette type dressing or light versions of mayo and miracle whip
  • More pepper, less salt. Try garlic, chili pepper and other spices to avoid using salt as much as possible.
  • Egg beaters instead of eggs.
  • Oat, whole wheat or soy flour instead of white
  • Olive or canola oil rather than vegetable oil
  • Hummus dip for veggies and crackers or salsa

And of course – portion control! When the picnics and parties last all day long, be careful not to eat all day long! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to surviving the summer season in shape! Please Comment and Share!

There are A LOT of Bobby Pins in Lane ONE!

Taking it Outside

A beautiful April Sunday morning in the Northeast and 2 toddlers who were going stir crazy inside! I decided to take the kids and their bikes to the high school track so #1- they can burn off some energy and practice their pedaling skills and #2- mommy could get a work out in that I normally don’t do. Cross Training is key, and I’m the “president” of the international support group for those addicted to Chalene Johnson’s formats like Turbo Kick, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Hustle, and PiYo. (j/k)

Johnny (5) Peyton (2)

Johnny (5) Peyton (2)

I decided I was going to do some runs, drills, bleachers….take advantage of my surroundings.

Your work outs don’t always have to be in a gym, a work out video, or with a trainer. Just setting up a basic plan of action for the work out, find a location, and just GO! Moving is moving! It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Hubby was away snowboarding in UT on this weekend. Being a mom of 2 toddlers, running a full time home business, and a boat load of other obligations, p/t jobs….it’s easy to have the excuse that I just don’t have the time to exercise. Or use the excuse, the kids never leave me alone to work out. So stop the excuses, and just GO!

No clue what you could do? Does it really matter? There are so many websites, YouTube videos, magazines etc in which you can EASILY find a couple exercises, and just GO!

We get to the track, set my 5 yr old up on his big wheel and my 2 yr old up on her little trike (1st time she’s formally on a bike—my mom method- sink or swim)

I take off running the track. I’m not a runner. I don’t enjoy it. Those so called endorphins, runners high, I think it just what people say to pretend that running is fun. I do enjoy being outside on a nice day, but running to me is not my 1st choice. Where’s the music? Where’s the dancing? Where’s my Turbo? ….I digress 😛

Kids are having a BLAST! It’s like a race-car event, pedaling on a super flat surface, no risk of cars, and LANES!! I keep running. I decided after each lap, I would drop and do 10 burpees. Growing up, we called them Squat thrusts, but in my adult life, I guess they are now called burpees. (shrugs shoulders)

So as I keep running, I’m left with my own thoughts. I notice- WOW! there are a lot of bobby pins in Lane 1. Not really the other lanes, just lane 1. Who is losing all these bobby pins? The young girls who are training for HS sports? It is in style to use bobby pins to hold back the side swept bangs. Or is it the retired grandma’s coming for their daily walk on the track. Cause you know, bobby pins = grandma’s. Right?

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees.

Running, so why is it an international standard that we all run “left”? Am I overdeveloping my left turning capabilities? Will I have an awesome left buttcheek and left side oblique from all this training? Why don’t we run right? Why don’t we alternate? Have you ever tried to run right around the track? Did you keep looking around your surroundings for the track police to give you a ticket- wrong way!!

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

Running, so I wonder if I could get over those hurdles again? Maybe if I have it on the lowest setting, but will I still have my awesome hurdler form I had back 20 years ago? Remember that horrible feeling right before the 400 meter hurdles race. I hated that feeling. I never understood why I had to keep doing that race. OH yea, cause no one else wanted to!

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

So I set the goal that I would at least run 8 laps. I can do 8 laps. I get to 8!

Running, so isn’t it weird that if I say I have “4 more laps to go” that sound so much worse in my head- like ugh- 4 more! that’s a lot!! As opposed to saying—“I’ve done 8 laps. 12 laps is so close to 8, it’s Easy- to get to 12. I can do that!”

WOW- another lap done! 10 more burpees

All in all, This was my work out:

  • 12 laps with a total of 120 burpees (10 burpees after each lap)
  • Bleacher runs- 12 up/downs
  • 3 sets of walking lunges (24x)
  • 3 sets of pushups

Results, enjoyed the day, got a work out in that involved my kids, the kids had a blast riding bikes and playing on the bleachers, my 2 yr old increased her pedaling skills,cross trained, and a no excuse day!

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