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How focusing on everyone else’s business de-rails you!

All you need to do is take a step back, and start looking at the direction many people take with reading social media, posting on youtube, or even shooting out mass emails- that its easy to get too involved in other people’s business!

People love to know what the “Jones'” are doing. Funny since I used to be a Jones (maiden name) and I didn’t have the life of interest!

We are filled with voyeurism! Reality Show, Gossip Mags, and yes- social media! It’s our version of local celebrities as well as knowing how the “Jones'” live.

Have you ever gotten stuck in the viscous cycle of surfing YouTube? Stuck in the mass photo gallery of someone you don’t even know?

When it comes to business, we can easily get sucked into this voyeuristic tunnel as well!

Constantly searching to see how someone else does it. Or let me try this techniques cause I know “so and so” does it like this. And when that doesn’t work after a couple weeks, you try what “sue and sue” does.

You might think that focusing on the competition is good business, but it can be distracting. Even if they’re in your rear view mirror, you ought to spend more time looking ahead than behind.

So take your focus off of everyone else’s business, and put it back onto your own dreams and aspirations.

Ask yourself:
1. Is my first action steps of my “work day” actually move MY business further?
2. Do I find that time passes fast and I haven’t accomplished 1 step on my to-do list?
3. At the end of each day, have you completed your top 3 HIGH priority items on your task list for the day?

Stick to the basic plan of action that is set for movement in your business everyday.

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional glance over the other side of the fence as it were but don’t let it become an obsession.
Be decisive, be proactive and let your competitors worry about you.

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