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What about Liquid Calories?!?!

It’s that time of year that I get asked a lot – what are the best choices to enjoy a cocktail with friends at the summer parties, barbeques and get-togethers? Skip them, right? Right! Ok, well it may be easy for some, but for those who would like to enjoy an occasional drink, it’s important to make the best choice.

Most of us know the rules to help us get healthy, stay healthy and maintain our weight. We fill our plate with mostly vegetables, then lean proteins, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. So what should one do when they’re doing all that, but then the occasional party or festivity comes up, or you want to relax after a long day with a cocktail to keep our calories in check? Be smart and plan ahead. Know your liquid calorie count – ‘cause yeah, they count whether they’re in liquid form or not! And like everything else, moderation is key!

So what’s the best choice as far as calories are concerned?

Generally, a 5-oz. serving of typical white wine contains about 110 calories, while the red versions are slightly higher at about 120 calories. A 5-oz. glass of champagne also has 120 calories. One way to ‘stretch’ your glass of wine is to add some zero calorie club soda or fresh fruit to your glass.

A regular 12 ounce bottle of beer will cost you about 150 calories or you can opt for the ‘light’ versions, that will save your around 35 calories. Just be careful when its served in a glass bigger than 12 ounces to account for the extra calories there as well.

Ok, but what about these fruity, fun cocktails? Yikes. Most of them are drowning in sugar and have as many calories as a meal. A tiny little margarita is usually 500 calories for 4 ounces! So make your own! Use healthy, lower sugar juices like pomegranate, cranberry or green tea, or there are plenty of places that you can order mixers that are sugar free and lower in calories.

If you choose not to indulge in the occasional cocktail, then you have no worries; just keep your water bottle full! But if you do have one, be smart, plan ahead, and make it through the party or festivity without blowing your hard work with liquid calories. Happy Summer to ya! ;0}

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