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It’s official! My first born is in kindergarten!

I officially don’t have a baby boy anymore!


He was soooo excited!


We were up early, had a great breakfast and he was ready to go!




And then the bus came.

Now during his orientation, we rode the bus with him and stayed with him the entire time.

So as much as we tried to prepare him, he was not quite sure when it was time for him to get on the bus alone!







But, thankfully we were able to follow the bus to school and walk with him to his classroom and get him settled. He was so lovey too!







A kiss for dad







And even a smooch for lil sister Peyton!






And luckily for John and me, we’ve had a lot of errands and things to do today to pass the time. Only and hour and a half until he comes home from his first big day!!

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