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Sales without Selling

If you’re involved in a company or position that involves sales – you’ve got to know how to sell without selling. There are very few people who aren’t very annoyed by the over zealous salesman who wants to know ‘How can I get you in this car today?’!

So how do you make that happen?

Focus – First, stop thinking about you and focus on what they need.
Get to know them. Ask them what they’re looking for and what their goals are. Only when you understand what they need, can you make the proper recommendations.

Empathize – If you’ve really listened to them, then you’ve heard any frustrations they may have and you can show empathy. Share a similar situation, and how something helped you, but don’t take the spotlight off them.

Be honest
– Share what works for you, and how the products may help them as well. But don’t over endorse your product or set the expectation way over the limit. Explain what it will help with, compare it to other products, even point out the pros AND cons, just be honest.

When people know that you truly have their best interest at heart, and they can trust you, they won’t just buy something this time, they will be a client for life.


How are you able to grow in your business ventures if you keep searching, hoping, crossing your fingers that someone will find your information and want to get connected with you and your business?

It’s easy to get caught up with the “slam it out there” message with your business, but in reality, it doesn’t work. What DOES work with growing your business is the relationship, trust, and down to earth human approach. Be interested in others, rather than taking the 6 year old approach of “look what I can do”, “look what I know”, “look how awesome I am.”

3 TIPS on how to effectively build a relationship with your followers:

1. BE CONSISTENT! – Posting every so often doesn’t create a reason for people to follow you. Infrequent posts don’t create that feeling of hunger! Hungry for more reason to stay connected with you! At a minimum, social sites like Facebook have to have at least one post a day. Blog content at a minimum should be once per week. Frequency creates re-call and discovery. If you are barely there, you are forgettable and won’t be discovered by that random person who was online just at the right time.

2. BE A GIVER NOT A TAKER! – Posting about what you do, what you sell, and how amazing you are speaks only to one person, your ego and your pocket. Being consistent in yoru posts but not providing helpful content that creates conversation and interest in others doesn’t create a following. It actually repels people, you become like white noise. Take a step back every so often and see if your posts are something you as a “customer” would gravitate towards. It’s easy to keep falling back into old habit, so do this review often.

3. BE REAL, BE HUMAN, BE YOU! – if you want to gain your reader’s trust and following, acknowledging that you have lessons learned, struggles, and life experiences that you want to share, they will connect with you. Being perfect, a know it all, and just a resource of telling people what they should do creates a different perception of who you are and what you represent. Most of the time, it’s a perception that you are self serving. Focus on being helpful, giving, and ask for feedback, response, and conversation to a topic of interest.

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