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It’s official! My first born is in kindergarten!

I officially don’t have a baby boy anymore!


He was soooo excited!


We were up early, had a great breakfast and he was ready to go!




And then the bus came.

Now during his orientation, we rode the bus with him and stayed with him the entire time.

So as much as we tried to prepare him, he was not quite sure when it was time for him to get on the bus alone!







But, thankfully we were able to follow the bus to school and walk with him to his classroom and get him settled. He was so lovey too!







A kiss for dad







And even a smooch for lil sister Peyton!






And luckily for John and me, we’ve had a lot of errands and things to do today to pass the time. Only and hour and a half until he comes home from his first big day!!

School days, School days…Reading, and Writing and…it’s a little scary!

OK, so it’s probably more scary for the parents sending their kids off for the first time than it is for the kids! My husband and I are preparing to send our 1st born, 5 year old Johnny to kindergarten in just a couple of weeks. We can never know exactly how our children will react when the moment comes, but we can do our best in preparing them.

Here are some tips we’re using –

Talk to them – Like about how fun and exciting its going to be with new friends, and learning new things! Always talk with a lot of enthusiasm so they feel how you’re feeling when the subject comes up.

Time away – They say its a good idea to prepare kids for being away from home and their parents by setting up times for them to be away from home; staying with a relative or at Grandma’s or something. We don’t have relatives nearby, but we do have both kids go to the daycare/pre-school twice a week as we work from home. They have adjusted there well, and look forward to it, so hopefully this will help Johnny do the same with school. This has also helped them learn how to interact with other children, to play, to share and participate.

Know the facts – Help them memorize the basics – name, address, phone number, body parts etc so they are confident when the teacher asks questions. Also use different opportunities to continually practice counting, colors and alphabet without them knowing like identifying letters on labels when shopping or putting away groceries, or counting cars when driving, or colors of cars and reading billboards. They may already know most of it, but just going over it really reassures them and gives them confidence.

Let them bring something from home – For my son it’s probably a super hero action figure or something he loves, but I think letting them take a little something from home with home gives them a little sense of security.

Here’s a picture of my son Johnny and I at his Pre-K graduation. Ok, deep breath – here we go – this is really gonna happen!! I’d love to hear any tips you have in preparing your kids for school, whether its their first year or not. Let me know!

Tips for Trips with Kids

Recently, My husband, 2 children and I ventured on a 7 Day Royal Caribbean cruise that we earned from Beachbody coaching. Then in April it was off to Jamaica for the extended family vacation. So all of this traveling led me to blog my thoughts about what works for us when traveling with kids. Mine are 5 and 2 years old, so you might have to tweak it up depending on the ages of your children, of course!

For the car or airplane rides, or whenever they may be getting bored here are some things I like to have on hand:
• Paper, crayons & small paperback books
• A couple of their favorite little toys for them to play with
• A couple new little surprises to present to them along the way
• A little blanket and pillow
• Last Resort – Electronics. I say last resort because I think it’s important to break away from the usual stuff the kids might do at home when we’re on vacation so I don’t want a lot of time spent watching movies or playing electronic games. But if the airplane or car rides or long, we break out the Ipad or portable DVD player for a movie or small electronic games to take their minds of the long trip. An additional reason why you want this to be the last resort is it will delay or negate the chances of them falling asleep as their minds are occupied.

Peyton on Vacation

Peyton on Vacation

For snacks we pack:
• Cereal, crackers, fish etc. divided into zip lock bags- one for each kid
• Healthy snack bars
• Fruit snacks, suckers or cookies for when the out of control break downs hit or when we need them to pay attention and stay near (M & M’s, lolly pops)
• Bottled water – they need it to stay hydrated plus it’s great for cleaning up sticky hands and faces. Also, the sugar free single packet drink mixes are great to take to mix with water and avoid sugary drinks.

We make sure we’ve got this stuff packed for once we’ve arrived:
• Hats, sunglasses, water shoes, bathing suits & sunscreen
• Band-aids, and children’s Tylenol (yep , you just never know)
• Baby wipes
• Blow up floaties as it doesn’t take up much space!

Dwyer Vacation

So there are my tips on what to bring along. But most of all, have fun, relax and enjoy your family time – it doesn’t happen often enough!


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