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How to Effectively Follow Up

Fortune is in the follow up, right? Who coined that phrase? We all use it, say it to our team, and sink our head in guilt when we know we didn’t follow up and lost that contact or business.
Why is following up with people so scary? Is it because you are afraid of no? Many of the times, people say they are NOT afraid of no. I know for myself, it can be just times where I don’t want to get on the phone. It requires a certain amount of high energy, conversation, and thought process that I’m guilty in just letting the cards land where they may.

Developing your system of sharing your business and following up with your contacts is critical in the growth of your success. Surely, you have seen many different systems to track these contacts. Many people use purchased systems, excel docs, notebooks, and even the index card file system. Whichever works for your brain, develop it and do it.
But how can you be better at actually following up with people without coming across like a stalker? We surely do not want to build that reputation where everyone scatters when they see us coming. Typically, you create this experience and reputation yourself.
Following up is expected. Think about a time you shopped around for a consultant or a contractor, and waited for them to follow back up with you on their proposal, and they never did. Typically, we don’t seek them out. We move on in our searches to find someone new who puts value in their business, their customer, and has a great professional demeanor about them. It’s just good business and practice to follow through and follow up.

You need to create the expectation and the appointment of when you will be following up with your contact following your conversation or sharing the details of your opportunity.
Throwing the ball in their court and never setting back up for the return is like throwing the ball down a dark endless well. It’s not coming back and you then become a stalker periodically sending messages on their facebook wall, texting them, trying to pass them in the hall so you can causally “bring it up”.

Set the appointment up at the end of your initial conversation. It’s just what we do, without thinking about it.
In our everyday practices, we do this without thinking it’s a scheme, a stalker, or a nuisance.

  • You get your hair done, you pay and set up your next appointment (cha-ching- future business for them)
  • You go to the chiropractor, and set up your next appointment or appointments (cha-ching- future business for them)
  • You get a babysitter, call it a night and pay her. On the way out, give her the next timeframe you will be scheduling her. (cha-ching- future business for them)
  • You have your housekeeper come, you send them on their way scheduling the next cleaning appointment. (cha-ching- future business for them)

I can go on, but it happens without you even thinking about it, and it is expected.
So carry this over in your business. Get in the habit with every business transaction, presentation, or direction you have with your contact, leave the conversation with a scheduled follow up appointment time.
It’s your follow up “massage” appointment. Don’t miss it! 😉

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How focusing on everyone else’s business de-rails you!

All you need to do is take a step back, and start looking at the direction many people take with reading social media, posting on youtube, or even shooting out mass emails- that its easy to get too involved in other people’s business!

People love to know what the “Jones'” are doing. Funny since I used to be a Jones (maiden name) and I didn’t have the life of interest!

We are filled with voyeurism! Reality Show, Gossip Mags, and yes- social media! It’s our version of local celebrities as well as knowing how the “Jones'” live.

Have you ever gotten stuck in the viscous cycle of surfing YouTube? Stuck in the mass photo gallery of someone you don’t even know?

When it comes to business, we can easily get sucked into this voyeuristic tunnel as well!

Constantly searching to see how someone else does it. Or let me try this techniques cause I know “so and so” does it like this. And when that doesn’t work after a couple weeks, you try what “sue and sue” does.

You might think that focusing on the competition is good business, but it can be distracting. Even if they’re in your rear view mirror, you ought to spend more time looking ahead than behind.

So take your focus off of everyone else’s business, and put it back onto your own dreams and aspirations.

Ask yourself:
1. Is my first action steps of my “work day” actually move MY business further?
2. Do I find that time passes fast and I haven’t accomplished 1 step on my to-do list?
3. At the end of each day, have you completed your top 3 HIGH priority items on your task list for the day?

Stick to the basic plan of action that is set for movement in your business everyday.

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional glance over the other side of the fence as it were but don’t let it become an obsession.
Be decisive, be proactive and let your competitors worry about you.

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