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Whatever you want to call them, I’ll give you my BEST tips, advice as well as my #1 suggestion.

During your work outs, it is highly important to ensure you are wearing a supportive sports bra, no matter the activity.

One thing you have to do is know yourself – the right sports bra for you is primarily based on your body structure and, secondarily, on your personal preferences.

Some of us want a no bounce support while others focus more on the way it looks rather than function.

My focus will be for those of you who do not like to move, want support, and don’t focus so much on the pretty color of the bra. Function over appearance.

Having an ill-fitting bra can cause chafing, sore breasts, sagging and a sore shoulder/neck area are just some of the physical problems.

As an ex-mammographer, the “science” of sagging goes into the stretching of the “coopers ligament”. You don’t have total control in avoiding this from stretching, as age does happen and gravity is around us.
Additionally, it can cause havoc on your motivation, you intensity of the work out, as well as your continued effort to “do it again”

I have always been naturally gifted, never getting measured, but I would squeeze myself into a 36 DD. That wasn’t my size, but it was the one that was the tightest and didn’t make me bounce when I walked.

During exercise, I would always wear 2 bras. I have tried many versions, but had found the resolve to having separation, compression, lift and support was to wear 2 different styles. In doing this, it helped me avoid having the “boob tube”.

Now these 2 are my suggestions that I used prior to me having children. Now my 1st suggestion isn’t available anymore, but it is close to my suggestion below

1. Champion Powerback Underwire sports bra (1 size smaller than you are)
2. Champion Action Shape Sports Bra (1 size smaller than you are- wear that on top)

Now I’m no expert in this field, just an expert in being “gifted” and loving high impact exercises. I have gone through testing many of the so- called “LAST RESORT” bras, and the last resort, didn’t work. I don’t know how many times I bought and returned bras.

When I was nursing my chest size went up off the charts! I ended up wearing THREE (3) Champion Action Shapes at the same time.

    In all my years, this is what I have found to be my best suggestions when choosing a sports bra to accommodate your needs:

1. Choose a size smaller than what you actually are (I know, I know, goes against all rules the bra lady tells ya in the fitting room)
2. The bra has to have BOTH back closure AND strap adjustments
3. Make sure the strap adjustments adjust the full length of the strap and not just a couple inches.
4. My personal tip with my suggested bra below is to criss cross the straps. 1 end detaches and you can criss cross them. Creates a tighter fit and you become really skilled and flexible with hooking your bra reaching behind! 😉

So after 2 pregnancies and nursing each child 12 months, my chest has surely changed. I won’t “go there” as if you “are there” you know what I mean.

So currently, I’m still a fan of Champion, as I have tried Enell, Victoria Secret, and so many more of the so-called best. I still put my stamp of approval on Champion, but only if you follow the 4 steps I listed above.

I currently just have to wear 1, I wear it criss crossed. My bra size is 32 D now, but I choose a 32 C in this bra.

My #1 CHOICE and VOTE still goes to….


Happy bra shopping!

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