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Top Ten Tips for Insomnia and your To-Do List

I have a bad habit of working on projects until late in the night when everyone is asleep. Then I finish the night curled up in my favorite spot on the couch watching my DVR until I drift asleep. Wake up, rewind the show I fell asleep on….wake up, rewind the show I fell asleep on…..wake up, give up and stumble into the bedroom.
I have a firm rule that when I stumble in the bedroom, my husband is not allowed to go to the bathroom or talk to me. I additionally avoid turning any lights on or doing anything that requires bright eyes or a brain cell. I just wanna fall into bed in my very drifty mindset so I can quickly fall to sleep.

It doesn’t always work this way though. Last night was one of those occasions.
I did my usual routine of fall asleep, rewind, fall asleep, rewind. It’s 2am as I arrive into bed. But this night was one of “those” nights. My brain just wouldn’t shut off. The mental light went on, and my task list was rolling through my head, hard.
I start freaking out as I have so many obligations and little details that need to be remembered and taken care of for so many different upcoming events I am running/planning. My head starts spinning around the upcoming fitness conference I’m presenting at this weekend. The meeting I’m putting together for over 1000 people in my business heading to Vegas, and trying to remember little details for the presenters, topics, events, and so on. The items I have to order for the newly created back yard pool extravaganza. And to also not forget to send thank you cards, wedding gifts, communion gifts- spinning, spinning, swirling. Eye peaks open at the clock that shines on the ceiling, 2:38am. No, no, no! Stop it. There’s nothing you can do about it now. Just close your eyes, focus on this little blue flame and clear your thoughts.

“This would be a great blog entry! I could give them some ideas on how to get past thinking of your to-do list….”

STOP IT, you are doing it again! Thinking of what you can do tomorrow.

Honestly, I can go on. This is a struggle for many and me sometimes, thankfully.

It’s challenging to just let go and give in to sleep when you feel stressed, responsible, and have so many things going on.

I just wanted to share with you that it happens to many, and here are some recommended techniques to get passed this when it does happen.

1) Establish a regular bedtime time and try to stay consistent
2) Avoid Intense Exercise less than 3 hours before bedtime
30 Avoid Caffeine in the evening
4) Avoid Alcohol in the evening
5) Wind down! Find something that calms you (reading, meditating, listen to music)
6) Keep a notepad by the bed, and exhaust your thoughts prior to closing your eyes
7) Keep a cool room
8) Avoid Taking Naps in the Daytime
9) Avoid Bright Lights
10) Re-direct your thoughts to a simple activity or point.

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Top 3 Tips to Start Your Day in your Home Business

Learn my top 3 tips on what you should do to start your mornings started off right and most effective in your home business.

1) Get Organized!
2) Make an action item or to-do list
3) Schedule when you will check email

Many times people who own their own business get caught up and distracted by the comforts of home or the chores of home. Your daily commute and prep time has been cut down to a seconds, or minutes, depending on how far your bedroom is to your home office space. 😉
Start each day with these suggestions, and you will be marked and planned to move through your action items with progress in growing your own home business.

Be sure to comment below and let me know your getting started tips for each day as well as what other topics you would like to see featured.

Work, Home & Life Balance

Is your life off balance? Too much on your plate? (No, we’re not talking food here!) Too much to do and not enough time? And definitely not enough time to chill out and relax?

Don’t worry ~ you’re not alone.

Being a good spouse, parent and professional takes time, energy and patience.

Managing our responsibilities well requires making conscious choices, setting realistic expectations and handling our time and resources wisely — without neglecting our own health and relaxation needs.

But it is possible; we can maintain a stable and nurturing home environment while pursuing a career.


Get up early: Yes, we need our sleep, but that quiet time for ourselves each morning can make a big difference in the day. And hey, if you get up an hour early for one year, you will have created about 10 additional weeks of time.

Manage your time well: Don’t procrastinate, or allow yourself to get distracted. Make your to-do list every day and get it done. Take care of things with the 4 D Rule – Do it, Delegate it, Defer it or Delete it.

Look into all your options: If you work outside the home, can you talk to your employer about flex hours? Is it time to look for a less demanding job? Or can you work from home?

Share the load: Whether it’s having your spouse help with managing the bills or running the kids around, or having the kids helping with housework ~ communicate with your family about needing them to pitch in. Everyone working together as a team eases the strain and also builds stronger relationships.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: You can’t do it all right now, it doesn’t all need to be done right now. Learn what can wait, and what can’t. Mopping the floor can. Going to watch your kids’ game can’t.

Designate Family Fun times: Whether it’s a day at a park, bike rides, family board game night, camping in the backyard or planting flowers together – we should schedule these things in our weekly schedules just like we do for work, and appointments and make sure we show up!

Plan Chill time: Really – I know it seems bad when you have to actually schedule yourself some down time, but it is what it is. For many of us that are on the go non-stop, if we don’t plan it, it won’t happen. So yeah, you deserve a little ‘me time’, whatever that may mean for you. Step away from the computer, shut the phone off and enjoy an hour in a hot bath with a book, a bike ride, window shopping at the mall, shooting hoops with some buddies, fishing, whatever clears your mind. Plan some ‘me time’ on a regular basis and do it. Your children, spouse & career all need you to be rejuvenated. Oh and most importantly – You deserve it.

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