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It’s Time- Knock Down Your Brick Wall- It’s Possible, It’s YOU, It’s NOW!

Watch this!


1) Coaches added in your downline faster and more- which will pay you out faster in team cycle bonus

2) Building your Team will be faster since its free

3) YOU get in the Best shape of your life all while the people around you do the same!

4) Discounts on the products you want, use, and love

5) You can work out LIVE with the famous fitness trainers like Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson

6) This is a recession proof Business – no risk!

7) Products are in Spanish and expanding into International Areas

8) The company spends over $127 million dollars in advertising so you don’t have to! Their products are a Household name? Ask anybody!

9) You can distribute the ONLY product of it’s kind, Shakeology! No other company as a 100% natural, Gluten Free Shake that works MIRACLES like this shake does- NO ONE!

10) This can change your life phsyically and financially. This can change your KIDS life!  Decide to be the example of health and well being.  You are in control of your “WHAT IF” and your “WHAT COULD BE”…believe me…I am now living the dream I never dreamt cause I thought my life wasn’t suppose to be.

A Mentor Can help Guide Your Goals and Career

You’ve probably heard this many times, someone mentioning props to their mentor for the success they have had or are having. Sometimes we don’t really process what they say or chalk it up to yea yea, whatever- you’re just lucky.  Following college and after my first “real” job, I established a couple strong mentors. Dennis Wolfe believed in this young 26 year old who was desperate to get out of the clinical environment and move into the business side of things for Digital X-Ray.  We immediately had a connection because of our common interests, but also how we both challenged each other with our goals and weaknesses.  I grew up quickly learning how to be a strong female in the suited business world of medical sales. To this day, we still remain amazing friends and still bounce off many ideas off each other.

In addition to him, for the past 10 years, I have aligned myself up with a strong mentor who has guided my fitness career personally, my fitness level, as well as my business level.  I actually had NO IDEA this was all going to be possible, and where my life could potentially go when I just causally started chatting with her online back in 2000. We both had a love for fitness, she was looking to bring on some people to represent her company, and I wanted to make something more out of myself than just being an aerobics instructor.

This picture was taken probably about 2002. This was my first video we filmed, Turbo Kick Round 18. Gosh, look how high we used to wear our pants! HA! But I was so nervous! I couldn’t believe the goal I had for being in a fitness video was about to come true! That was my goal….at that time!

What is a mentor? Defined as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. I just knew she had the business sense I could trust! I just didn’t know how low my ceiling was that I built for myself.  With the alignment of working with her since meeting her online have I broken my ceiling, broken through what my life was suppose to be like due to my childhood, broke through being average.  Chalene Johnson has always been ahead of the game. I always tell people who don’t know her, she always knows “what’s HOT, before it’s HOT”.  This goes with business.  My outlook grew to a potential that was just not suppose to be!

(Picture- my 1st time presenting for a fitness conference- my other goal- achieved)

Was this all handed to me? Was this just me being lucky?  I couldn’t have possibly achieved what I have achieved SO FAR in my life if I #1 didn’t have the determination and work ethic built in me. The youngest of 4 girls with a single dad, I was a fighter. I was always the one left behind since I was the youngest. That didn’t define me. Work ethic was instilled early on when I had my first REAL kid job at age 9 delivering a 100 customer  SUNDAY newspaper route up both hills, in the dead of winter with a wheelbarrel.

Through the course of your life you will be faced with obstacles as well as a lot of negative people who just don’t think it’s possible.  Believe in your heart, believe in what you are passionate about, and trust in a mentor to help you see a bigger picture and give you the guidance they see in you to bring out the best in you. I’m very privileged to say that Chalene Johnson, CEO of Powder Blue Productions has been one of my biggest influences and mentor’s in my life. Believing in me, showing me there is more, and most importantly, to never put a ceiling up.

I used to be an X-ray tech, then I moved into X-ray application and Sales (as I mentioned above). In 2004, I was able to move into working Fitness Full time.  Since then, my goals building a career helping others in fitness has skyrocketed!


  • I was the pioneer “Presenter of the Year- 2004” for Powder Blue Productions.
  • Pioneer “Most Valuable Presenter – 2009” (MVP) for Powder Blue Productions
  • 2nd year in a row -“Most Valuable Presenter- 2010” (MVP) for Powder Blue Productions
  • Presented at Major Fitness Conferences such as Evolution, Can-Fit-Pro, and Camp Do More (Camp Turbo)

I have changed focused and put more value into building a solid foundation at home.  I am now semi-retiring from presenting. “Cutting back” essentially.  So I wish the next years MVP winner GREAT LUCK! Cause, Im just that person that would still keep pushing to win it. That’s just my nature.  But, I have moved my passion with helping others in fitness as well as helping people establish and build a home business with Team Beachbody.  I started in June 2008, and in just 1 -1/2 years time, I maxed out the highest level of achievement with the company at 15 Star Diamond. I’ve always maintained this level and currently have 26 diamonds with my business. Platinum Presenters.

Do you want to know some of my secrets on how I have achieved these levels? With years of following the systems and business building directions and tips from Chalene Johnson, that has laid the foundation for me to be successful in ANY business I do.

Her skill set is not limited to just one arena. I have translated her system through my career as the National Promotions Director, managing over 60 presenters and 320 events through a years scheduled time.  Translated this over to my success in working in Digital Xray Application and Sales. And now, these easily translate over to running a solid home business promoting health and fitness.

With anything you do, if you have a system, a proven system- follow it—it works! If you have a mentor who has the forward thinking vision to help guide your path to seeing a different light on a situation or process, it works!

So why am I sharing this with you? Because I get asked MANY times- how do I do it? How can THEY do it? What’s my secret? What’s the secret sauce?  You can continue to struggle, but one of the best steps you can take for yourself to earn all you deserve is by investing in yourself. Invest in yourself with education. Invest in yourself when you are not knowledgable in particular areas. Invest in yourself when you can admit when you need to develop your skillset more.

Im fortunate to still work side by side with Chalene Johnson and receive continued guidance and training through her company Powder Blue Productions. But one event you can easily attend for just a 1 day training that will make a HUGE impact and movement on ANY business you are doing, is by attending her Social Media – Hands on Training in NYC on Oct 20th. Check out her webpage

It IS possible, you just gotta dig down, believe, and trust in a strong mentor who can help you see what is possible.

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